IOSH Hand/Arm Vibration and Noise Training

IOSH accredited Noise at Work and Hand/Arm Vibration competency training is available for 2016 through INVC.

The following dates and locations are now available.

Hand/Arm Vibration (HAV) Courses

Leicester 10-11th February 2016

Falkirk 10-11th March 2016

Manchester 11-12th April 2016

Swindon 10-11th May 2016

Manchester 12-13th July 2016

Leicester September 2016 - TBC

Falkirk October 2016 - TBC

Swindon 8-9th November 2016

Noise at Work Courses

Leicester 15-19th February 2016

Falkirk 14-18th March 2016

Manchester 18-22nd April 2016

Swindon 16-20th May 2016

Chelmsford 18-22nd July 2016

Leicester 12-16th September 2016

Falkirk October 2016 - TBC

Manchester 14-18th November 2016

For more information or to request a booking form please contact [email protected] or call 01563 820444