Gas Monitor : BW Clip

Features & Benefits
  • Available in a two-year or three-year version for H2S or CO
  • Available in a two-year version for O2 or SO2
  • Unique hibernation case extends service life for the two-year BW Clip for H2S or CO
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use — with one-button operation and no extensive training
Quick Specs
  • Automated self-test for improved safety
  • Automatically logs the 35 most recent gas events for easy, accurate recordkeeping 
  • Compatible with the IntelliDoX instrument management system for extremely quick bump tests, bump test tracking, adjustable set points and more
  • Also compatible with MicroDock II docking station and Fleet Manager II software

2 - year life disposable unit


Gas Sensors Available C.O., H2S and Oxygen.

The BW Clip is highly water-resistant, with an IP66/67 housing fully immersible in water to a depth of one metre.

The BW Clip housing includes an integral concussion proof boot with a heavy duty stainless steel alligator style belt-clip.

A large easy to read LCD shows detector life remaining, the two alarm set points and peak alarm exposures.

The detectors life remaining is displayed in months, days and then hours. A full function self-test verifies sensor, circuitry and battery integrity as well as function of the audible, visual and vibrating alarms.

The stored data can be transmitted directly by IR link to a cordless infrared printer for immediate printout, to a Microdock II docking station module or to a PC via an IR adaptor connected to the USB port.

Simply clip the BW Clip to your lapel, pocket, belt or hard hat for unequalled cost effective protection.

The BW Clip, as your everyday companion for hazardous environments, operates for two years maintenance-free. 

With an automated self-test, rugged protection for harsh environments, a wide-angle alarm flash and other features, the BW Clip is the most reliable detector of its kind — from the most trusted experts in gas detection.

When used with the IntelliDoX instrument management system, the BW Clip is also the most flexible and configurable maintenance-free detector on the market. With IntelliDoX, you can:

  • Adjust alarm set points to meet changing requirements
  • Track bump tests and set a noncompliance indicator
  • Bump 50 BW Clip detectors in less than three minutes
  • And more — so you can improve safety and compliance in gas detection

Product Details

  • Brand: BW by Honeywell
  • Product Code: BW-CLIP
  • Availability: Call for availability

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