MultiRae Portable Monitors

MultiRae Range

MultiRAE portable  monitors combine best-in-class detection capabilities with optional integrated wireless functionality to help elevate safety of workers and
responders and reduce facility downtime. MultiRAE monitors offer an industry-leading selection of interchangeable electrochemical, combustible, infrared, PID (photoionization
detector), and radiation sensors to protect users from a broad range of toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC), gamma radiation, and
oxygen deficiency / enrichment in a wide variety of applications.

The following list of gases are available, please contact us for your specific requirement.

  • VOC's - PID 10.6eV Lamp 0-1000ppm (MultiRae Lite)
  • VOC's - PID 10.6eV Lamp 0-5000ppm (MulitRae/MultiRae Pro)
  • VOC's - PID 10.6eV Lamp 10ppb - 2000ppm (MulitRae Pro)
  • VOC's PID Benzene Specific (MultiRae Benzene)
  • Methane CH4 - NDIR Sensor 0-100% LEL
  • Methane CH4 - NDIR Sensor 0-100% Vol
  • Carbon Dioxide CO2 - NDIR Sensor 0-50000ppm
  • Hydrogen Sulphide H2S 0-100ppm
  • Carbon Monoxide CO 0-500ppm
  • Sulphur Dioxide SO2
  • Nitric Oxide NO
  • Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
  • Chlorine Cl2
  • Hydrogen Cyanide HCN
  • Ammonia NH3
  • Phosphine PH3
  • Chlorine Dioxide ClO2
  • Oxygen O2
  • Methyl Mercaptan CH3-SH
  • Ethylene Oxide ETO
  • Formaldehyde HCHO

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