GMI PS500 Non-Pumped Gas Detector

Key Features

  • Over 15 plug-and-play smart sensors to choose from
  • Wide range of VOC’s with 2 different PID sensors
  • Flexible configuration to suit your specification
  • Piercing 95 dB audible plus 360-degree high visibility light bar
  • On-board datalogging for calibration certificates, data management and event logging
  • High impact rubberised case
  • IP65
  • Low cost of ownership 

The PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors and infrared capabilities.  ‘Plug and Play’ option allows the customer to ‘plug in’ a new board with a different gas range.

The PS500 is particularly useful in noisy environments, featuring a very loud (95dBA) penetrating and distinctive audible alarm together with high visibility large area visual alarm.  Pump, diffusion or both together, allowing pumped sample for pre-entry checking and diffusion in confined space working, thus maximising battery life.  A robust, moulded, rubberised casing guaranteeing Hi-Impact resistance, the PS500 can be used in the most demanding environments. 

 If you do not see the instrument that meets your specification on the following pages or wish to discuss your application in more detail, please contact us on 01563 820444 or email [email protected]

Product Details

  • Brand: Teledyne/GMI
  • Product Code: 61378ABCDV2
  • Availability: Call for availability

Product Downloads

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