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For high intensity work environments and industrial hygiene requirements, there are two types of original doseBadge to choose from: the standard CR:110A and the Atex CR:110AIS Unit.
•    The standard CR:110A kit consists of the iconic and pioneering mini dosimeter which has revolutionised noise at work testing and recording over the last 15 years.
These unique, wireless dosimeters are made out of cast steel and are incredibly durable and robust, making them suitable for most environments.

Regs and Guidelines: Noise At Work 2005 (LAeq, LCPeak, LEP,d)

•    The CR:110AIS ATEX certified doseBadge  is everything that the standard kit is, and more. This model has the additional Intrinsic Safety Certification and is so robust it is suitable for the most extreme environments. It is made out of spark free material and is safe to use in hazardous environments and atmospheres, such as petrochemicals, oil refineries and underground mining.
Regs and guidelines: complies with Noise At Work 2005, ATEX, EEx, IECEx, SIMTARS & SABS & FM certifications (LAeq, LCPeak, LEP,d). Further certifications pending.

Easy: Both kits are simple to use and provide everything that you need to comply with noise at work parameters, including the following features:

•    Attach simply onto a shoulder strap;
•    water resistant
•    long lasting
•    robust
•    minimal servicing requirements
•    Battery life is typically 30 hours, with a 90minute charge-time.

Suitable: Each kit requires a single central controller, generally handled by a safety officer or site manager, which scan-activates and deactivates the dosimeters as well as downloading the Time History/ Noise Profile data in seconds. A single controller can operate up to 10 dosimeters at any one time. The individual dosimeters themselves are tamper-proof with no buttons / cables or variables, leaving personnel to get on with their work hassle free.

Data: The data is compatible with the free NoiseTools software which presents all data in a simple to read and use format.  The software can also provide more sophisticated reports / pdfs / graphics for risk assessments etc. NoiseTools is free, it has no licensing or updating restrictions and can be loaded onto any number of PCs at any given time.

Reliable: Both kits come with an unbeatable 15 years’ warranty – because we know they are the best!

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  • Product Code: CR110A and CR110AIS
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