Way-Back Pack

UK industry has been hit hard by the UK lockdown. Although Government guidelines have eased, there are still a number of measures that should be in place to ensure that customers and staff are kept as safe as possible, including temperature checks. Noise level monitoring can also play an important part, as areas with louder environments are more likely to cause people to shout, which raises the risk of virus transmission.

The ‘Way-Back’ Pack is designed to help businesses get back to safe working quickly and effectively.

What’s included in the ‘Way-Back’ Pack?

  • A simple sound level meter to help you keep an eye on noise levels: the CR:308
  • A noise-activated warning sign to provide a visual alert when noise levels are too high: the SoundSign
  • A handheld infrared thermometer to allow you to test people’s temperatures quickly and easily: the JXB-178
  • An automated-access non-contact fever detection system to provide an additional layer of security for your business premises: the IR Sentinel

Product Details

  • Brand: Cirrus Research
  • Product Code: Way-Back-Pack
  • Availability: Call for availability
  • £1,999.00