Taking a Noise Measurement with the Optimus Red Sound Level Meter

Optimus® - The Latest Generation of Sound Level Meters

  • Combining the latest digital technology with ease of use
  • High performance guaranteed - Class 1 & Class 2 Sound Level Meters
  • Measures everything you need simultaneously to save time
  • Designed for basic, occupational and environmental noise measurements
  • Meets standards from around the world - UK, EU, OSHA, MSHA or ACGIH
  • Type Approved from the PTB, LNE & Applus+ to IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Easy to upgrade at any time – a future-proof investment
  • Backed by our industry leading 15-Year Warranty for your peace of mind

Optimus Sound Level Meters. Making Noise Measurement Easy.

By measuring every parameter you need simultaneously, it can record everything in one measurement. There's no concern about choosing the wrong function or missing any data. All you need to do to get going is switch on, calibrate and start. It's that simple.

All of your measurement data displays on the large OLED screen, so you can see straight away if there are any occupational noise problems in your workplace. You can easily navigate screens to see the data you need during measurements.