EGM renews Health and Safety Accreditation

At EGM, we take our responsibilities very seriously regarding Health and Safety. It’s really important to us that our processes are as safe and efficient as possible. It makes our company more profitable, and a better place to work for our valued employees. In addition, it makes us a more attractive proposition for our customers, suppliers and partners.

The Common Assessment Standard is a far more comprehensive assessment than any of its predecessors. It covers all areas of risk management in far more detail, and achieving accreditation at this higher level means that we’ve achieved a new, overarching standard, which negates the need for any other badges or certificates.

We’ve had to prove that we’re fully accountable in 12 areas of risk management. It’s been a lot of work, but we can now show that we’re operating to the highest possible standards. It’s given us a fresh confidence in all our processes and an increased visibility to new clients.

As more companies that we work with gain this new accreditation, it’s designed to streamline common processes across industry, and so will ultimately reduce waste, expense, time and resources for everyone. As an early adopter, EGM is proud to be a part of that initiative.