Cirrus Dosebadge

EGM Ltd: Ensuring Workplace Safety with Advanced Noise Monitoring Solutions

Introducing the Original doseBadge Noise Dosimeter

EGM is proud to present the Original doseBadge, the latest addition to our portfolio dealing with noise monitoring in the workplace. Through our close partnerships with leading brands like Cirrus, we understand how important reliable and accurate monitoring is to keep you compliant with health and safety legislation, and we’re confident that the new doseBadge stands out as a unique device for measuring occupational and industrial noise levels.

Innovation in Noise Monitoring

The doseBadge has been created by Cirrus Research plc and is a dual-channel instrument that supersedes traditional noise monitoring with a wireless, compact and user-friendly design. Weighing just 51g, it’s specifically engineered to perform in challenging industrial environments. The absence of cables, controls, or displays makes it particularly durable, and well-suited to comprehensive noise exposure assessment in various industries.

Key Features for Compliance and Safety

The doseBadge is well-equipped to measure, store and calculate critical noise parameters, such as LAeq, LCPeak, LEP,d, % Dose, LAVG, and TWA. To ensure a thorough evaluation of your workplace, it provides a detailed Time History or Noise Profile. This extremely thorough approach ensures compliance with occupational noise regulations and helps with the effective management of industrial standards.

Rugged and Reliable

The Original doseBadge's design is extremely robust. It comes in sturdy metal casing and is resilient against minor accidents and heavy pressure. The internal components and microphone should last you for years of operation. Attention to detail in its design protects the doseBadge against the elements and allows the device to perform in the harshest work conditions.

Applications Across Industries

Different sectors face unique challenges when it comes to noise pollution. The doseBadge has a very diverse application range, including:

        Monitoring occupational noise exposure

        Adhering to Noise at Work Regulations

        Long-term noise exposure recording

        Operating in hazardous environments such as oil refineries and underground mines

        Managing noise levels in the entertainment and music sectors

Streamlined Data Analysis with NoiseTools Software

Accompanied by Cirrus’s user-friendly NoiseTools software, the Original doseBadge allows for effortless downloads and report generation. This free software simplifies all data analysis and offers flexible reporting options to suit your specific needs, without licensing restrictions or additional costs.

Certified for Intrinsic Safety

For high-risk areas, we can offer the CR:110AIS model, which comes with certifications from ATEX, EEx, IECEx, FM (US & C), and SIMTARS. This intrinsically safe version is designed for environments where explosive atmospheres may be a concern, to ensure that safety is never compromised.

Customizable Measurement Kits

The Original doseBadge measurement kit is customisable. With the option to start with a standard set and expand as necessary, it’s extremely versatile. Each kit includes everything that you’ll need for occupational and industrial hygiene noise assessments and is compatible with the standard CR:110A and extra-safe CR:110AIS doseBadges.


Diverse Version Options

The Original doseBadge is available in multiple versions to match your specific industry requirements:

CR:110A - The standard version for general use

CR:110A/BLK - Designed for discretion, ideal for law enforcement and stage performers

CR:110AIS - Certified for use in mining and potentially explosive environments

CR:112AIS - Specifically certified with MSHA Certification for mining applications

Choose EGM Ltd for Your Noise Monitoring Needs

At EGM Ltd, we’re proud to ensure workplace safety through state-of-the-art environmental monitoring from leading manufacturers like Cirrus. Through our industry knowledge and expertise in technical support, our comprehensive range of noise monitoring solutions is second to none. Thanks to the innovative doseBadge system, we now have another important tool in our armoury.

For further details, or to book a free consultation, contact EGM on 01563 820444 or at [email protected].