doseBadge5 now with realtime Octave band analysis

Throughout a measurement, the doseBadge5 will measure the noise levels in octave bands from 63Hz to 8kHz, giving you detailed information about the frequency content of the noise. This information can be downloaded into the NoiseTools software for analysis and reporting.

Not only does the doseBadge5 give the overall data (unweighted Leq) for each octave band, it also logs and stores a time history (or noise profile) for each band throughout the entire measurement.

This feature that allows you to identify specific noise sources within a measurement, marker and annotate them and the use the hearing defender selector within NoiseTools to assess the effectiveness of protection against any number of noise sources.

This powerful feature allows you to determine if one or any hearing protection is suitable for any number of different noise sources, giving you more insight into the use of hearing protection.

Real-time octave band analysis

  • Measure the frequency content of the measured noise exposure
  • Highlight sections of the measurement and assess hearing protection against known noise sources
  • Assess hearing protection against a number of different measurements using the Measurement Group functions in NoiseTools
  • Gather detailed insights into the noise exposures of workers and make effective, informed decisions based on accurate data