Gas Monitor: GasAlertMicro 5 IR

  • Two year warranty including sensors
  • 95dB twin horn sounders
  • Datalogging Option
  • Microdock II Compatability
  • IP66/67 for Water Resistance
  • Wide range of toxic gas
  • User selectable flammable gas correction factors

Gas Alert Micro 5 IR portable gas detector simultaneously monitors and displays up to 5 potential atmospheric hazards including Carbon Dioxide (CO2), oxygen, flammable gases and a large range of toxic gases.

Audible, visual and vibrating alarms activate in the event of a low, high, TWA or STEL alarm condition. An optional motorised pump is also available.

Features that come as standard with BW portable instruments such as confidence beep, full function self-test, automatic calibration and passcode protection. The Gas Alert Micro 5 offers an extended range of user selectable field options now include: stealth mode, backlight options, selectable ppm resolution, STEL/TWA alarms, combustible correction factor, user selectable calibration gas concentrations and multi language support.

0 - 50,000 ppm (0 - 5%).

Product Details

  • Brand: BW by Honeywell
  • Product Code: M5IR
  • Availability: Call for availability
  • £POA

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