Noise Nuisance Recorder: Trojan2

  • High resolution colour OLED screen with backlit keypad
  • Repeating measurements for environmental noise monitoring
  • 120dB dynamic range in a single span
  • 4GB memory with 32GB option
  • Simultaneous measurement of all parameters
  • 16bit/16kHz or 32bit/96kHz audio recording
  • Option of real-time 1:1 & 1:3 octave band filters from 6.3Hz
  • AuditStore™, Acoustic Fingerprint™ and NoiseTools as standard
  • Compatible with the CK:675 Outdoor Measurement Kit

Trojan2 - Easy reliable compliance

The Trojan2 has been designed specifically for Local Councils, Housing Associations and Environmental Officers to use in investigating noise nuisance complaints. This monitoring equipment is the perfect solution - it is discreet, simple, effective and tamper-proof; it quickly and easily provides accurate noise data from which informed decisions can be made. 

Easy: simply plug the cable into the mains, switch on and the discreet, lockable case is ready. It also has a battery back-up for 12 hours. Once switched on, start-up is automatic. To calibrate, simply attach the acoustic calibrator to the microphone and press the calibrate button. It can also work as a sound level meter.

Suitable A tenant is given a simple remote to hit record when they are getting irritated / suffering from the noise. Using this will ensure good recordings every time. There is an auto cut off after 5 minutes. To ensure the reliability of the data, it has a pre-audio trigger which saves recordings for 30 seconds before the button is hit as well as the 5 minutes after. The monitor has a 4GB memory with a 32GB upgrade option.
The audio recording on the Trojan2 uses a 16bit/16kHz uncompressed WAV file. This gives users a frequency range of up to 8kHz and a wide dynamic range (up to 96dB) so quality recordings can be made day and night, for both high and low levels of noise.

Data: The audio can be exported via USB. For further analysis and reporting, it can be examined using the free and easy to use NoiseTools software on a PC.
2 for 1: not only can this equipment be used indoors, or outside (when used in conjunction with optional outdoor microphone and extension cable) the sound level meter in the versatile Trojan 2 can be removed and used as a handheld instrument.

•    15 year warranty
•    Annual calibration provided
•    Every time we calibrate the equipment, another year’s warranty is granted
•    All necessary training by our experts is included.

We can supply additional units if you need to replace existing ones, or add more. We also supply a wired hand switch if required.

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  • Product Code: CR199A
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